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Hi, welcome to the Beem: Watch Augmented Reality testing family

Do you miss watching your favourite celebrity perform? Us too! That’s why at Beem we want to bring the performance to you. Using augmented reality, Beem lets musicians, performers and public figures livestream themselves and perform as a hologram in your environment. You can also re-watch a past performance, chat live and connect with other viewers, and share your experiences to your social media, straight from the app. Get started for free today! LIVESTREAM PERFORMANCES Beem gives you the power to watch your favourite stars perform live and Beem them straight into your home! Get rid of the stage and the spotlights, the back-up dancers and crowds. Reduce every possible distance and distraction and what you’re left with is just you and your favorite performer. Connect with those who inspire you the most, and Beem their performance, anywhere, together. REWATCH PAST EVENTS Late to the party? Not to worry! If you fancy catching up or re-watching a past celebrity performance, all events will stay on Beem, ready for you to watch anytime, anywhere. CHAT LIVE WITH OTHERS Whilst watching a live performance, use the Beem chat and connect with other fans to find out their thoughts. There’s a chance the celebrity may reply to your comments! SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES We don’t want anyone to miss out, so spread the word and help your friends to connect and watch their celebrity heroes perform by sharing your Beem experiences on social media. Download the app for free and start Beeming today!

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